No Child Left Behind Consultants provide free workshops based on international best practice to ensure that educators and child welfare workers are provided with the information that they need to do their jobs in a way that ensures that when it comes to their education, no child is left behind.

Are you a school or teacher struggling to engage students that are in local authority care?

No Child Left Behind Consultants’ education consultants work very well with different age groups and have developed clever strategies for handling even the most challenging behaviour and/or learning styles. They cater well to students’ unique needs of staying motivated, engaged and actively involved in their educational experience.

Are you a social worker struggling to address the education needs of children and young people in care?

No Child Left Behind Consultants can support you in supporting the education needs of your children and young people.



Are you developing a project or initiative to support children and young people in care in the area of their education and literacy?

No Child Left Behind Consultants offer a consultancy service that provides you with advice, strategies and support in the planning, development and implementation of effective education initiatives.

Consultancy Services